Are you someone who feels connected to the brand/organisation
and the mission and message we promote?

Is mental health something of importance to you?

Do you have a yearning to contribute back to community in a positive way?

Whether you want to promote more of our clothing + other products or mental health related content, or both for that matter then the ambassador role may be for you!

This is not tied to location or exclusivity with us however the ambassador role is exclusive to the UK (Preferably Wales), we respect free will but also commitment as this is a self-selecting choice.

Our aim is to create and connect with like-minded individuals where we can learn, work, collaborate, share, network and grow together in as many ways as possible.

We see no competition, rivalry or scarcity. The universe can provide for everyone and together in unity we are stronger.

We would love to be able to create a space where as a group we can talk openly without fear or judgment and utilise our time focusing on things that are important and necessary.

We want ambassadors to know that they can influence and contribute to the creation and formation which intern gives you a sense of belonging to the brand/organisation!

As an ambassador you will be able to:

Purchase any clothing in our collections at a discounted rate of 25%

Personalised clothing availability at a discounted rate of 25% (not limited to colour or designs if you have any of your own)

Early bird access to all of our limited edition products before they drop, this will be available first to Ambassadors, followed by news letter subscriptions, and then onto our website for general public access.

Access to any and all B&W created events, projects, photoshoots and meetings and also have the capability of influencing and having a valid input in content creations.


To enquire about this role please feel free to contact us